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Magazine Articles about Window Splashes
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We are bringing to the web all the articles we originally published in SignCraft, and will be adding new articles as time goes along. You can purchase any single article or a group of articles under a related topic. Topics include techniques, holiday windows and sales info.



Splash Your Way through the Holidays
our newest book!

Break into watercolor splashes this holiday season, or expand your product line to take advantage of a busy and profitable market. This book offers step-by-step instructions, added tips from the authors and numerous photographs to inspire you.

Splash Your Way through the Holidays


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How To Paint Watercolor Window Splashes
our original text!

A watercolor window splash is a specific type of sign advertising thatís done on your clientís windows. Whether your skills are in art or advertising, anyone can learn to paint these signs. This book offers step-by-step instructions for creating window splashes the Nick Barber way, with information for both rookies and seasoned sign artists.

How to Paint Watercolor Window Splashes


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